was created by S. Cary Littell, Jr. in late 1996 as his personal home page. He wanted to do something to serve the community of RT owners like himself.

David C. Baker was the second owner of the site. It was his vision and drive that brought the site to the worldwide scope and influence it now has.

Leslie Edmonds, took ownership of the web site in March of 2006. Her guidance helped build an even greater sense of community.

Today the site is owned by EffBee, one of the original members and a longtime member of the Admin Team.

The site is shaped daily by a great group of Moderators, including Mike Boomgarden (Mike), Mitchell Patrie (Joe Frickin' Friday), Glenn Reed, and Mike Greiff. Several other volunteers also toil behind the scenes.

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Best wishes as you continue riding and meeting other riders who enjoy sport touring on BMW motorcycles.